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Hello and welcome to the world of Joan Miro Art!  This site is currently under construction but within a matter of time JoanMiro.com will be the premier destination for all things Joan Miro: Joan Miro Paintings, Joan Miro Information, Joan Miro Originals, Joan Miro Art, Joan Miro Posters, Joan Miro Lithographs and of course Joan Miró.

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Joan Miró is well known as one of the greatest artists of the 20th Century.  His Surrealist masterpieces hang in every major museum in the world.  Now JoanMiro.com (Joan Miro Art) is online to exhibit Miró’s amazing paintings.  Please come back often to watch this site evolve and grow into the premier site for the work of Joan Miró.

Photo of Spanish Artist Joan Miró
Joan Miró Painting of Rooster
Joan Miró Painting of Toledo


Joan Miró Carnival of Harlequin Print – 1924-1925
Joan Miro Painting “Sonnens”
Joan Miro Painting “Daybreak”
Joan Miro Painting “Kissing”
Joan Miro Painting of Rooster “Le Coq”

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54 thoughts on “Welcome to Joan Miro Art!

  1. i would like to find out about a mounted ?print i have acquired that has been mounted for a New York Gallery that has a No. 104 stock catalogue number. The year 1940

  2. C’est super, merci de cette vidéo remarquable, associée à une musique si dynamique. A l’image de ce que je ressens à regarder la peinture et les sculptures de ce grand artiste catalan.
    Il se disait lui -même de nature pessimiste, pourtant tout dans son oeuvre appelle à la vie et à l’amour!
    Je suis allée hier, voir une exposition, à Bruxelles, organisée par la banque ING et le Fonds Mercator, une belle rétrospective, de ce grand peintre-poète. Aujourd’hui, se termine cette exposition.
    Dommage, seulement, que ce blog, ne soit pas aussi en français!

  3. I have a mounted painted tile with number R. P- 354 with the following
    Label on it.

    Joan Miro (a. XX) R. P-354
    el ori del cielo azul (1967)
    L’or de l’azur ciel
    The gold of the blue
    Made in Spain

    Can anyone help me with this?
    Thank you


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