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Christie’s to Auction 85 original Miro works

On February 4th – 5th, Christie’s London will auction off a rare collection of 85 original Joan Miro works. This extensive collection was originally owned by a corporate collection and by will of the Portuguese Government is now set to be auctioned. The complete collection of 85 pieces is expected to generate at least 30 million sterling pounds in auction.

A few notable Miro pieces in the collection include Femmes et oiseaux (Women and Birds), 1968 and Painting, 1953, an enormous oil on canvas measuring 57 x 500 cm.

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Joan Miró “Plage de Mont-roig”

Joan Miró – “Plage de Mont-roig”

Joan Miró
“Plage de Mont-roig”
Oil on canvas
37,3 x 45,6 cm
Credits: Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona

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Joan Miró “Self Portrait”


This is a self-portrait of the Catalan artist Joan Miro. Miro worked on this piece from 1937-1960. This self portrait was painted in oil/pencil. This imaginative piece demonstrates that Miro thought of himself as an ever changing and evolving person that had a very humble opinion of himself.

Credits: Fundacio Joan Miro Barcelona

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“Painting with Rope on it and People”

Joan Miro, 1935 “Rope and People”

Quite an interesting piece that utilized the incorporation of physical items into Miro’s canvas – a great representation of Joan Miro’s creativity. This collage was very avantgarde for his time.

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Joan Miro “Bird Woman”

Joan Miro “Bird Woman”

A childlike and imaginative piece titled “Bird Woman” – really shows the creativity of Miro here, so eccentric.

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Joan Miro, 1924 “Landscape”

Joan Miró 1924 “Landscape”

Oil on canvas

Essen, Germany. Museum Folkwang

Beautiful colors here in this vivid and reflective painting of a landscape

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