“Painting with Rope on it and People”

Joan Miro, 1935 “Rope and People”

Quite an interesting piece that utilized the incorporation of physical items into Miro’s canvas – a great representation of Joan Miro’s creativity. This collage was very avantgarde for his time.

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One thought on ““Painting with Rope on it and People”

  1. Hello, I have a beautiful piece by Miro, but I can not find any information or title about the piece. It is very old and a bit damaged. Is there a way that I can send you a photograph and have you tell me the title? Please write me back. It is my favorite piece by Miro that I have seen, as it reminds me of my son and his dog in the summer sunset. It has a screen from a window or back-door framing my picture. Do you know anything about this piece?

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