Joan Miro Prints

We are currently searching for new and exclusive Joan Miro Prints and lithos to adorn your walls – please be patient while we update this section!

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5 thoughts on “Joan Miro Prints

  1. I would like to buy a couple of Miro prints and was wondering whether you have them in stock. The first is l’eglise et le village of Mont Roig. It was painted in 1919 and you show it on your website as untitled. The second is Figures and constellations and was painted in 1949.
    Could you let me know if you have them in stock and if so how much they cost, if you have them for sale. If not would you know of anyone who does stock them?
    Many thanks for your help

  2. I love your website it has so much information on it but he has a lot more works than you show and more intreseting ones like the HUNTER from him The FARM! but your doing good keep it up haha lol!

  3. We have inherited an original Joan Miro lithograph, and am looking for where to send a photo for general information, including value….thankyou!!!

  4. I am looking for print of the ‘The Farm’ (1921-22) & the ‘The Garden’ (1925) approx A2 size. Can you help, please.

  5. My favorite Miro painting is the one of Toledo you have on your home page. Do you know where I could get a print of it? If you do, please let me know as I would really like to purchase one! Thanks!

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